Grub Guide : London

LONDON! What a city. I really could talk about it all day long, especially the food because in case you haven’t gathered yet, I am definitely a foodie.

So I’ve decided to start a little series here on my blog for my travel adventures – dedicated to all the delicious food I munch on throughout each trip. Appropriately named Grub Guide.

And so without further ado we start at breakfast – or I suppose you could say pre-breakfast if that is even a thing? oh well it is now.


Pre-breakfast : Banana Choc-chip Larabar (approx 4am)

Not My Photo! found on @larabaruk instagram as I forgot to take one 🙂 (it was very early..)

I’m not sure if i was just tired but this bar was delicious and exactly what I needed to give me a boost early in the morning without making me feel queasy . 10/10 would recommend however a little pricey for a fruit and nut bar…

Second Breakie : Cereal Killer Cafe

Because a fruit and nut bar just ain’t gonna cut it for hungry gal like me.

We arrived in London and headed for Brick Lane where our hotel was. Unfortunately we couldn’t check in till 12 so we headed out with our backpacks to get some much needed breakfast instead.

A quick google search and we located a cereal cafe just up the road from us! Yes cereal cafes are a thing and you should 100% go!

When you walk through the door you are transported to a childhood fantasy land of bright colourful walls, plastered with the greatest cereal selection you have ever seen in your entire life. Not only that, but there are beds instead of chairs and an impressive VCR collection decorating the walls and shelves.

You can order a premixed cereal bowl or make your own. I made my own whilst my friend Mairi went for the PCB – Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cereal with Peanut Butter and Chocolate Crunchies all served with banana milk!

I mixed banana cereal with peanut butter and chocolate cheerios, marshmallows, fresh strawberries and almond milk – maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but I loooved it! I am the queen of food combinations (in my own world hehe) I think I would go for salty balls next time – purely just for the name because I am immature.

“Hi, can I have your salty balls please?”

The Killer Cereal Cafe Menu – Can be made vegan on request 😉

Lunch was unplanned as we were kindly treated to a rooftop meal by Mairi’s godmother – what an angel. I had avocado on toast with smoked salmon and a cheeky Belini.

It was lush.

Sitting, gazing out onto London’s impressive skyline ft high rise buildings and glorious sunshine. Accompanied by some good food and great company: you really can’t ask for more. I didn’t take a picture of my meal as I was just so memorised by the view and engaged in conversation- sometimes it’s better to leave your phone in your bag for a while.

Dinner: Pho Restaurant

Super Green Pho – YUUMMM – @phorestaurant

Last Grub stop – PHO! My absolute favourite. I could honestly eat it every single day and never get bored. This was their super green pho and I had it with a side of Enoki (mushroom) salad spring rolls and a peanut satay dip. Foodgasm ..

We ended the night with a couple of drinks at a bar and some live music. Although I’m not a big drinker I do enjoy the occasional gin and tonic- especially rhubarb and ginger gin, if you’ve not tried it you are missing out!


Breakfast: Redemption Cafe

I was soooo excited to go here as I had seen a million pictures and YouTube videos featuring this amazing cafe and it definitely lived up to it’s reputation. The staff were just so lovely and accommodating and the food was unbelievable ! I had the buckwheat pancakes with coconut yogurt and blueberry compote and Mairi had the cheeky monkey porridge (chocolate, peanut butter banana porridge) – can you tell she likes this combination yet??

I also had a matcha latte which was hands down the best matcha I’ve ever had! I mean just look at it!

Mairi actually ordered a cacao latte (fancy hot chocolate) but accidentally got an acai smoothie haha. Luckily she loved it and decided to keep it despite being offered her original drink order again. Plus she was given it at a discounted price – a win win.

I really cant recommend this place enough!


Well lunch didn’t really happen.. </3 as we were so busy trying to cram everything into our last day – so it was a multiple coffees and snacks kind of day but that’s okay sometimes that just how it goes.

If I had gone somewhere for lunch it would have either been Deliciously Ella’s Deli or Farm Girl cafe as Ella is one of my biggest inspirations and Farm girl cafe looks so incredibly beautiful.

And so we swiftly move onto dinner!

Dinner : Southbank Centre

As we were cramming all the sites in before we had to head back home, we made a last minute trip to the London Eye. After snapping lots of pics both of our phones had died and so we were on the hunt for a cafe/ place to charge them. We spotted an bright indoor space /cafe with lots of benches and what looked like people on laptops and so naturally wandered in.

Not only did we find charging plugs but they were also serving vegan mac n’ cheese! and it was one of the best vegan mac and cheeses I’ve ever had !

Other Recommendations

Sadly we were only there for the weekend and so it was impossible to fit all of the amazing plant-based restaurants London has to offer in. So I’ve compiled a list of some of the places I would love to visit next time i’m down – which trust me wont be long as I think I am in love with London 🇬🇧

  • By CHLOE
  • Deliciously Ella’s Deli
  • Genesis
  • Kalifonia Kitchen
  • Feya
  • Elan Cafe
  • Temple of Seitan